Fan Posts

“Hello Cinthia,

I want to tell you that I really enjoy all your coonking classes since last year as shown by my thank you email last year when you first started changing all our lives to learn how to prepare different healthy, yummy and exciting meals for ourselves, our family and friends. I always brag and rave about your cooking expertise to all my family and friends especially since you have worked with some exce llent French chefs in France.

I really like your teaching techniques since you always make it fun, informative and easy. You always answer all our questions with charm, wit, generosity, kindness, patience, and warmth!

Thank you so much!!!”

Susan Schwartz 

“Hi Cinthia,

I just wanted to email you and let you know how much I enjoy taking your healthy cooking classes at Whole Foods on Monday and every other Saturdays. I just started taking these classes for about a month now and I have learned so much in this short amount of time. The recipes you teach us are amazing and you really make them easy to learn my husband has also enjoyed eating some of the recipes you have taught me. You are an amazing teacher and look forward to taking may more of these classes. I also really enjoy shopping afterwards at Whole foods:) Thanks again.”

Katherine Fenton

“Great Stuff!  We miss your foods dearly! We can’t wait for your great meals again!
Thank you!”-Joseph Tomsha 

“I am writing this letter as a recommendation for my cooking teacher Chef Cinthia.

I have taken Cinthia’s cooking classes at Whole Foods for a year now. Right from the start, I found her classes to be informative, highly entertaining, and the foods that she prepared were really tasty and nutritious.

She taught us so many useful things, like how to substitute wasteful fats with good food fats, like those from avocados, how to make our own taco shells, how to get sufficient protein without eating meat, how to cut vegetables, and how to sauté foods without needing oil, to name a few.

Cinthia always welcomed questions, and would stay until everyone had their questions answered. Her customer service was impeccable, always friendly and welcoming. I watched the class grow and grow in numbers. The delicious samples she prepared were devoured quickly.

Certain classes had guest speakers, as Cinthia seemed to be open to helping people get exposure, and exposing the class to new and interesting ideas. You could tell that she was always learning new things herself, expanding her knowledge with continuing education in the food industry.

I may be leaving out other great qualities that Cinthia possesses, I could really go on and on. Her classes were one of the highlights of my week.

I will always remember Cinthia as I try new spices, and get more creative with my cooking, something that she highly encouraged. Cooking well with Confidence! That is what Cinthia stands for.

As a student, I would recommend her in all areas of Cooking and Teaching.”


Debra Osorio

“Hi Cinthia,

I want to tell you that I really enjoy all your cooking classes. You really change our lives to learn how to prepare different healthy, yummy and exciting meals for ourselves, our family and friends. I always inspired by your cooking expertise.

I really like your teaching techniques since you always make it fun, informative and easy. I know i can count on you for all our questions.

Thank you so much!!!”- Weiping

“ WE love this class taught by Cinthia!! It keeps us coming back to Whole Foods week after week. We always go shopping after eating the great food that Cinthia makes for us to taste so we can try the recipes at home. We look forward to the class and shopping at Whole Foods!! Larry & Donna Oct 5th, 2015 ”

— lary on Oct 5, 2015.

“ Cinthia always gives us hints which doesn’t tell in “cookbook”. Very much worth coming. She’s a specialist of vegetables, healthy eating, and tells what “cooking” really means. Thank you very much. I’m learning a lot from you! ”

— Masako on Oct 5, 2015.


“ Motivating ”

— Sandie Poisner Pasik on Jun 30, 2015.

“ One of the best ever!! ”

— Debra on Jun 29, 2015.

“ It was excellent! ”

— Kimberly C on Jun 13, 2015.

“ very good ”

— Eun Young Kim on Mar 23, 2015.

“ This was an informative and interesting class. ”

— Lisa on Mar 9, 2015.

“ Very helpful. ”

— Tali on Jan 27, 2015.

“ fun! ”

— Carol Kernahan on Jan 13, 2015.

“ Great vegetable and tofu lasagna! Will try it on my family next week!! I can definitely see benefits using all these fresh and organic ingredients! ”

— Dolores on Jan 5, 2015.

“ Grrrr-ate ”

— Jonathan Lukoff on Dec 15, 2014.

“ Great ”

— Hilda V Glumace on Dec 5, 2014.

“ Great! Cinthia is very creative and I am thankful to be able to sample some of her tasty & healthy recipes:-) I enjoyed the winter squash and apple soup tonight~thanks! ”

— Lailene on Nov 17, 2014.

“ Cinthia had a lot of great information regarding healthy cooking and the tour was great, we will definitely start shopping at Whole foods more often. ”

— Sue Wagner on Sep 26, 2014.

“ Chef Cinthia cares about preparing healthy and yummy dishes since she has extensive knowledge and experience in using and mixing ingredients that are all healthy and affordable. She is both very kind and professional. ”

— Susana Schwartz on Sep 8, 2014.

“ It’s very informative, cinthia introduced us a lot of new nutritional ingredients. Thank you, Cinthia. ”

— weiping on Jul 19, 2014.

“I thoroughly enjoy these classes and hope that they continue. What a great service to the Community this program is. Many kudos to Chef Cinthia and the management of WholeFoods market for making this program possible.”

-John Woolston

“The healthy cooking class every
Monday has been very helpful
to me in learning how to eat healthy.
I’ve learned a lot since I started going
To the monday healthy cooking class
And I’ve felt good since I started
Eating the right way and knowing
What is good to put in my body
This class is a gift to people help
Us eat healthy and feel good
Thank you Cinthia for sharing And
Taking time to show us how to cook
And using the healthy ingredients!”-Jinny

“Cynthia has opened Our eyes to more healthy food choices.” – Larry and Donna Halperin