My Journey


My Journey in the kitchen started with my mom and grandmother who were both great cooks.  I remember when I was around 6 years old, cooking dinner with my mom.  I was always around the kitchen watching and learning until it was my turn to take over and making dinner was an everyday task.

The Holidays were a full day of cooking, eating and having fun around the kitchen. Those days have stayed with me and inspired me to do what I do now.  My passion for cooking went to a new level when I decided to obtain my Culinary Arts Education at Le Cordon Bleu California School of Culinary Arts 2000.  After graduating, I quickly progressed from an intern position to working side by side with Chef Ludo Lefebvre at the legendary French Restaurant L’Orangerie in West Hollywood.  I got to experience French cuisine at  its finest.

My next adventure took me to be part of the grand opening and development of the well known Restaurant Bastide on Melrose Place, under the direction of the wonderful Chef Alain Giraud.  At Bastide, I met the owner Joe Pytka who hired me to work as his Private Chef at his Venice Beach office.  In this environment, I was able to cook more personally for smaller groups of people, making a wide range of international cuisine.  I then took a short break from the culinary world to take care of my family.

I decided to go back to working in restaurants and I filled an opening at One Sunset Restaurant.  There, I helped to open and develop this new restaurant under Chef Chris Ennis.  It was a great experience but I wanted to move closer to home and found one of the best jobs I ever had, executive Chef for the Backroom Wine Lounge at the historic 73 year old wine store, Morry’s of Naples.  This is where my knowledge and passion for wine flourished.

I left the restaurant scene and started a Personal Chef Service where I cooked for busy families and high-profile clients. That’s when I started educating myself about healthy eating to be able to provide my clients with healthy alternatives. What I found was astonishing what I thought was healthy eating was not. This passion for learning about food and a love of cooking brought me to Whole Foods Market and started a whole new career where I was able to blend my culinary background and my passion for healthy lifestyle to create an awesome combination where I can provide and help customers not only with helpful information and guidance, but also the tools to make their cooking experience easier, tastier and fun! What you eat today can change the way you feel!

Cheers to your Health!

Life is fun as it is! The rest are just details!

Cinthia Carolina

2015-04-17 17.58.22


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Noelle says:

    Help! I cannot find page 2?!


  2. Gary Chomiak says:

    Cinthia, I had the pleasure of experiencing you exceptional culinary skill at the Morry’s wine pairings. You were divine. Thank you.

    Gary Chomiak


  3. You’ve got some great healthy recipes here!! Celeste 🙂


  4. Bob says:

    Cooking wit you is always a great experience – see you tonight 🙂 < Bob


  5. Awesome Story Cinthia! 🙂


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