Hatch Chiles Are Here!

Cinthia Carolina


They’re here!! Hatch Chiles! (Finally)

Hot Chiles arrive from Mexico like a summer heatwave.… Caliente!  They surge into town around August and by September they are gone.  Adios muchachos!

So buy some while they are here and I’ll  whip up some cool and exciting recipes for you to try.  It’ll be hot breeze on a summer day. Once you get them, there are endless possibilities of ways to cook them.  And after all the fun you can freeze the rest for later if you’re one of those who just can’t get enough.

Young, delicious, and surprisingly mild in intensity.  So those who love the taste of chiles without having a dripping faucet for a nose while you’re eating them might like to try hatch chiles.

Hatch chile have been used for hundreds of years in Mexican cuisine.  It’s prized for its unique flavor when used to make chiles rellenos, chile…

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