Mindful Eating : Using Your Senses

Cinthia Carolina

Have you ever caught yourself really starving tired by the end of the day? You just might want to shovel anything you can find on your way home, like a fast food restaurant or make it home just in time to microwave frozen store bought food to satisfy your hunger. Only to later make you feel full and unhealthy. Do you want to change your eating habits but you just don’t know how?

I use my senses when it comes to cooking food. Seeing, a combination of colors such as red, yellow, green, purple and dark browns. This can offer you a beautifully crafted dish that makes you salivate when you see it! Having pile of food thrown together on a plate, can be overwhelming and certainly unhealthy.

The soundsthat food makes when your cooking it is amazing, that sizzle! The steaming and bubbling of a stew, the sound of hearing bread…

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