Mindful Eating : Using Your Senses

Have you ever caught yourself really starving tired by the end of the day? You just might want to shovel anything you can find on your way home, like a fast food restaurant or make it home just in time to microwave frozen store bought food to satisfy your hunger. Only to later make you feel full and unhealthy. Do you want to change your eating habits but you just don’t know how?

I use my senses when it comes to cooking food. Seeing, a combination of colors such as red, yellow, green, purple and dark browns. This can offer you a beautifully crafted dish that makes you salivate when you see it! Having pile of food thrown together on a plate, can be overwhelming and certainly unhealthy.

The soundsthat food makes when your cooking it is amazing, that sizzle! The steaming and bubbling of a stew, the sound of hearing bread crackling in your mouth, or the sweet crunch of fresh fruit.

Using herbs and spices can really add wonderful aromatic and healing properties to your food. I like using herbs such as thyme, rosemary, garlic, ginger, star anise, cumin, cayenne , and saffron.I also love different kinds of curries and chillies from all over the world. The sizzling smell of salted garlic in a pan can really awaken your hunger from its slumber.
I love going to the farmers market and being able to touchfruits and vegetables and checking for the freshness as well as ripeness. Try to use your fingers when your eating it makes the experience more satisfying and a lot more fun.

Taste, this is the most important of all. A combination of sweet, salty, sour, and bitter is essential to cooking the perfect meal. It can make food filled with excitement without the addiction of unhealthy fats. Healthy foods don’t have to be boring. You can combine a salty flavor with something sweet. In addition you can use citrus or vinegars to add acid in order to complement it. The use of oils such as olive, walnut, and coconut can smooth your palette and add the healthy fat that the body needs. It’s better opposed to heavy fats which can coat your palette enabling you to experience more flavors. The use of spices can add an element of surprise to dishes. It can be hot or exotic spices to enhance the flavor and also add the healing properties it contains.
A combination of all the senses in cooking food can really make the difference when enjoying the experience of eating. It can be fun, exciting, and fulfilling. Most importantly, is the gift of medicine that healthy food offers! -Its mindful selecting of ingredients, cooking, and eating!


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